Contoh Kisi-kisi dan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Tahun 2019/2020

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Contoh Kisi-kisi dan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Tahun 2019/2020

Alhamdulillah di blog ini penulis ingin share bentuk soal yang dapat dibuat berdasarkan kisi-kisi yang diberikan di bawah ini. Di bawah ini adalah Contoh Kisi-kisi PAS Gasal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9beserta soal-soalnya sekaligus. Postingan ini dimaksudkan untuk memberikan contoh Soal PAS Gasal Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX Tahun 2019/2020 yang dapat dijadikan referensi bagi guru yang lain. Juga bagi para siswa yang ingin belajar dan mempersiapkan diri di dalam menghadapi PAS Gasal yang sebentar lagi tiba di bulanDesember 2019 ini. Berikut Kisi-kisi beserta contoh soalnya:

Kisi-kisi, Soal PAS, Gasal, SMP, MTs, 2019
Siswa-siswi sedang mengerjakan soal Bahasa Inggris

·          Past continuous tense
·          Present Perfect tense
·          Future tense
·          Disajikan sebuah percakapan rumpang, siswa dapat melengkapi dengan menggunakan kata kerja yang tepat
·      Prosedur Teks (manual)
·      Disajikan sebuah kalimat acak cara mengoperasikan alat elektronik, siswa dapat menyusunnya menjadi teks yang padu.
Scrambled Sentence
·      Menyatakan dan menanyakan tentang maksud dan tujuan melakukan suatu tindakan /kegiatan
·      Disajikan kata-kata acak, siswa dapat menyusunnya menjadi kalimat yang padu, yang menyatakan dan menanyakan tentang maksud dan tujuan melakukan suatu tindakan /kegiatan
Essay Jumbled Words
a, b
·      Narrative text
·      Disajikan teks naratif siswa dapat menentukan topik,  tindakan yang mungkin akan dilakukan, dan watak tokoh dalam teks tersebut.
a, b, c
·       Teks Label obat
·      Disajikan teks label, siswa dapat menentukan informasi rinci tersurat.
a, b, c, d
I.          Essay
1.         Change the verb in the bracket into the correct form of tenses.
Indah            : Dika, What were you doing in the river at 4 p.m yesterday?
Dika      : Well, I (a. fish) .   .   .   . with my uncle.
Indah            : Oh, I see. Btw, Have you (b. Finish)  .  .   .   .  your Math homework?
Dika      : Yes, I have. What about you?
Indah            : Really? That’s great. Can you help me to do the homework, Dika?
Dika      : Sure, Please come to my house after Isya’. I (c. watch TV)  .  .  .   .  in the living          room.   
2.         Rearrange the following sentences into the correct order of how to refill ink catridge!
1. Fill the syringe with 15 ml of black ink.
2. Replace the ink cartridge in the Pixma printer. Follow the printer instructions to clean and align the cartridge.
3. Peel off the cartridge label. A small hole is revealed.
4. Place the ink cartridge on some rags or paper towel to soak up any ink spillage. The cartridge label should be facing up.
5. Place the label back on the cartridge if you want. You don’t want to cover up the drilled hole, so you may need to cut the label.
6. Insert the syringe needle into the hole you drilled. Empty the syringe into the cartridge slowly.
7. Drill the hole larger with the thumb drill.
3.         Rearrange the following  jumbled words into good sentences!
a.  food-we-body-nutritious-in order to-healthy-make-eat-should-our.
b. so that-good-must-hard-scores-the students-get-study-they.
4.         Read the following text and answer the questions!
Once upon a time, there was a family which lived in the palace of Priangan Land. They were happy family although a father was a dog”Tumang”, a mother was Dayang Sumbi and a son was Sangkuriang. One day, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to hunt a deer. He went the jungle but the fortune was not at him, He did not get a deer. He felt so bored so he decided to kill Tumang.
After getting at home, he gave Tumang’s liver but he told that it was a deer’s liver. But Dayang Sumbing did not believe that it was deer’s liver but Tumang’s Liver, because   she did not see Tumang at home.She was so angry so asked him to go out.
After some years later, Sangkuriang became a handsome teen. He like travelling many places, and finally he met a beautiful woman in a village. He felt in love with her, They loved each other and discussed bout their wedding plan. But Dayang Sumbi was shocked after looking at his wound on his head, she was sure that he was her son, Sangkuriang.
She tried to make him not to get marry her, she gave a wish that Sangkuriang could make a huge ship   and large lake for a night. Sangkuriang was not afraid , he tried as fast and strong as he could. In almost the ending of the finishing, Dayang Sumbi woke up the chicken to crow. Sangkurinag was so angry , he kicked the ship onto the lake, it became to be a mount. It was called Tangkuban perahu mount.  

a. What does the text tell us about?
b. Why is it important for us to read the text?
c. What was Sangkuriang like?
5.         Read the following label and answer the questions!
Skin Cream
Indications           : For minor burns, insect bites, and minor cuts. Helps prevent infection.
Direction             : Apply a thin layer on the affected area three times a day. Do not use it for more                      than two weeks.
Caution             : Do not use on deep wounds. For external use only.
Keep out of children’s reach. Consult a doctor if irritation occurs.
Net weight           : 5 gram
Expiration            : January 2010
a. What is the purpose of the writer to write the text?
b. How can we use the product?
c. Is the product safe for Children?
d. When will the product expire?
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