Contoh Recount text Pengalaman pribadi penulis

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Contoh Recount text Pengalaman pribadi penulis

Alhamdulillah, penulis masih bisa posting di blog ini. Kali ini penulis akan share mengenai pengalaman pribadi penulis dalam bentuk Teks Recount yang dapat digunakan untuk pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris tentunya. Ini adalah pengalaman nyata yang tidak dibuat-buat adanya. Semoga menjadi inspirasi dan refleksi bagi para pembaca danpengunjung blog ini. 

Being a civil servant is people’s dream, so am I. My name is Mustofa. I am an English teacher at certain junior high school in Batang regency. To tell the truth, I have been teaching since the year 2005, exactly on the first of July 2005. I began to teach in an elementary school called SD N Siberuk. One of primary school in Tulis Subdistrict. There, I taught English and ICT from the first until the sixth grade. I sometimes helped the headmaster to handle his administration. Again, I had once been chosen to handle the fifth grade. I taught all subjects except Religion. Then, I handled sport subject. I trained the students to do aerobic too. In 2012, I resigned from this school and moved to junior high school. I had been teaching at SD Siberuk for seven years. MTs Darul Hikmah and SMK Bintara were the schools I had joined. Then Once again I moved to MTs Walisongo Tulis and SMP 8 Batang. Right now, I have been teaching at two schools, MTs Walisongo Tulis and SMP 8 Batang.

Penulis bersama dua bidadari cantik 🙂

Frankly speaking, I have tried to apply for Civil servant teacher formation several times. I failed completely. Now, I have been 35 years old by October 22, 2020. Right now, there has been lots of CPNS for teacher formation but it’s impossible for me to join. Nothing to lose. One can only take efforts but God has the power to decide. I only follow the God’s track. I never regret what I have done so far. This is my way I have to fill in in the rest of my life without ASN or PNS label. One of my dream when I first became a teacher. I really hope to be that but God has given me different choice. No way for me to be a civil servant teacher.

Although I am not PNS teacher, Now I have been a certified teacher. I’ve got my licence to be one of professional teachers and I will get earnings from it. To fill my leisure time, I teach at one of Course in Batang town. I teach English for junior and senior high school. Beside teaching, I am an active blogger. I write, post and share to other people by means of the internet. Many people can read what I have written. I help people learn English. I provide materials, worksheets and many others. From blogging, I earn money. I become a Google Adsense Publisher. I believe God has already planned  good things for me. To be a successful person, We can still do many things. PNS/ASN or so called Civil Servant is not only dream. We can still do our best, we can still show our achievements in other ways. If you can’t be a civil servant. That’s not your will but God’s will. Belive in God that God will choose your destiny. One thing we should not forget in this life that we must do our best things. Life is once and it never comes back for twice. Thank to God for giving us this beautiful life.

Pengalaman penulis di atas dapat dijadikan bahan pembelajaran Recount Text dan dapat dibuat pertanyaan berdasarkan teks tersebut, selain itu juga dapat diidentifikasi struktur teksnya serta ciri kebahasaannya. Terima kasih atas kunjungan anda. Semoga bermanfaat. Amin.


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