Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris tentang deskripsi orang dan binatang

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Pengayaan Bahasa Inggris tentang deskripsi orang dan binatang

Guess what animal is it?
1.      This animal has long ears. It eats carrots and grass. It is a …
2.      It is a wild animal. It is the king of the jungle. It is a …
3.      They have long necks and eat leaves from the high trees. They are …
4.      They can fly. They have beautiful voices. They are …
5.      The animal lives in the forest or in the zoo. It is clever to climb a tree. It is …
6.       I have a pet. It has soft fur and short tail. It has sharp claws and teeth. It says meow. It is a …
7.      They have long trunks. They are big. They are …
8.      This animals can produce milk. They eat grass and plants. They are …
9.      These strong animals are used to carry people with carts. They are …
10.  This animal says kwek-kwek. It is a …
Read the following dialogue and answer the questions!
Do you have a pet at home, Zahra?
Yes, I do.
What animal  is it?
It’s a cat.
What does it look like?
It is cute. It has soft fur, a long tail and sharp claws.
Does it eat meat?
Yes, I  often feed it with Pindang fish.
1.      How many people are there in the dialogue?
2.      What are they talking about?
3.      What does Zahra’s cat look like?
4.      Is the cat giant/big?
5.      Does it like to eat fish?
Read the following passage/text and answer the questions?
I have a beautiful wife, named Trumiasih. She is 24 years old. She has a pointed nose and wide brown eyes.  As javanese woman, She has brown skin. It makes her so exotic and I love her very much. I think she is a tall woman because she is about 162 cm. I am shorter than her but it’s okay. We are really a happy family.
They look happy
1.      The writer  describes about his …
2.      How old is she?
3.      Does she have a flat nose?
4.      Does she have wide brown eyes?
5.      Does she have white skin?
6.      Is she a short woman?
7.      Do the writer and his wife live happily?


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