Reading materials 1: What I am and What I do

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Reading materials 1: What I am and What I do

Hello, my name’s Mustofa. I am an English teacher in junior high school namely MTs Walisongo Tulis and SMP N 8 Batang. I have a son named M. Fayyadh Shidqi Faisal. He will be 3 years old by the end of this August. I also have a beautiful wife named Trumiasih. She’s a good housewife. Formerly, she was a kindergarten teacher but for some reasons, she resigned from a kindergarten school.

We live in Wonosegoro village. It’s located in Bandar subdistrict. Precisely, we live on Jalan Raya Wonosegoro-Bandar. If you visit my place just go straight to the south direction  from the t-juction of Polsek Tulis. It is about 4 kilometers to go. And you have to ride your own motorcycle for about 15-20 minutes.

My family: Mustofa, Trumiasih, and my giant son, Shidqi.

Well, To tell the truth, I am not a civil servant teacher. I am a yayasan teacher of MTs Walisongo Tulis. I teach English for sixteen hours a week. I manage the eight grade student. I’m responsible for that grade so I get an equivalent of 6 six hours. 22 hours I get from MTs. Then I also teach the seventh grade students of 7D at SMP 8 Batang for 4 hours a week. I go to work by my old motorcycle, Supra 125. Mts Walisongo Tulis is located on Jalan Cendrawasih Beji Tulis while SMP 8 Batang is located in Kecepak Village. It is about 1 kilometers from Sambong Market. I teach at SMP on Thursday and Saturday. I teach at MTs all days except Sunday.

In addition to teaching, I’m a blogger. I have my own blog name Bahasa Inggris SMP MTs. I built it in 2014. I’ve been developing it until now in the year 2019. It’s been 5 years to keep in touch with it. From zero to hero. Yeah, this blog is nothing at first but now it has lots of visitors. It is visited about 5 thousands visitors a day. Because of good traffic, then I join Adsense as a publisher. Google Adsense put advertisements on my own blog. Alhamdulillah I get about twenty thousand to fifty thusand a day. At average, I get about more than six hundred thousand a month from this Adsense program. It’s not bad, The money can support my family of course.

One of my dream is that I want to get paid by Google of one hundred thousand a day so I can get about three million rupiahs in a month and It equals to the civil servants’ earnings. I must not be a civil servant to get that amount of money. Being a blogger is enough for me to get some money instead of being a PNS. The greates dream of mine is, I would like to pilgrimage to Mecca Al mukaromah visiting the prophet’s grave yard. I really want to meet the best man, chosen by Allah. He’s the sun of the world who has enlighten this dark world to the brighter one. Hopefully, the dream will come true. Amin.


1.    What does the writer do?
2.    Does he have a daughter?
3.    How many members does his family have?
4.    Was his wife a kindergarten teacher?
5.    Why did she resign from it?
6.    Where does the writher live?
7.    How long does it take from Polsek Tulis to the writer’s house by a motorcyle?
8.    Is the he a civil servant?
9.    How many hours does he teach at MTs Walisongo Tulis?
10. Does he teach 4 hours at SMP 8 Batang?
11. When does he teach at SMP 8 Batang?
12. When did he build his blog for the first time?
13. Is he an Adsense publisher?
14.  How many visitors doet the blog have in a day now?
15. How much money does he get in a month on average?
16. What dream does he want to get as Adsense publisher?
17. What is his biggest dream?
18. Who is his idol?
19. Why does he loves his prophet?
20. Can Google Adsese realize his greatest dream to pilgrimage to Mecca?


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