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Belajar Bahasa Inggris Teks Descriptive tentang Nissa Sabyan

One never expects that Nisa Sabyan, or so called Khoirunnisa will be so popular with her he Gambus music group. Khoirunnisa was born on May 23, 1999 in Lumajang West Java. She is the main vocalist of Sabyan. She becomes the main icon of Sabyan because of her fantastic voice and beautiful face. She also becomes the new idol of the young people and teenagers. She inspires and encourages them to love sholawat better than other songs. Sholawat now is sung by people, children, teenagers and adults. In addition to her amazing voice and appearance, many young people now learn to wear syar’i dress like Nissa does. She is the ideal idol to follow.
Nissa, Khoirunnisa, Sabyan Gambus
Nissa Sabyan
Beginning from covering religious songs like sholawat and arabic, or middle east songs leads her and her music group to success. The covering song like Ya Habibal Qolbi sung by her reaches more than one hundred millions viewers. Followed by their other hits songs like Deen Assalam (The peace Religion of Islam), Ya maulana, Ya Rohman,  Ya Ashiqol Mustofa, Atouna el tofoeli, etc also get success. Nissa and her Gambus group now has millions of subscribers and followers throughout the world. Sabyan Gambus recently becomes the You Tube trending.
Because of the fantastic viewers and new fans on You Tube, Sabyan gets many requests to perform on stage from one place to another in this country, even they are about to perform abroad. This makes they’re so busy because they must manage their schedule to fulfil offers and orders to perform live on stage.
Sabyan Gambus, with Nissa as the main vocalist is becoming more popular. She is still humble and simple although she becomes new popular singer. One of the reason people like her is she is not arrogant and is welcome to other people.

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